Sonic State Music Tech News: iphone

NAMM 2015: Music Production Studio For iPad

UVI announces the release of BeatHawk portable


NAMM 2015: Recording On Lightning iPads Facilitated

Focusrite relaunches iTrack Solo and iTrack Studio - now with Lightning compatibility

NAMM 2015: IK Multimedia Announces iRig PowerBridge

Universal charging solution for all iRig accessories using iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Remix App For Android

IK Multimedia's GrooveMaker 2 is now available for Android devices

App Makes Music Easier To Learn

Player – Musician's Music Player is available for the iPad and iPhone


FX Bundle For iOS

Holderness Media releases the Holderness FX Bundle for iPhone

Integrate iOS Into A Modular Synth

iModular app turns your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a multifunction module

Queuing Synthesizer For iPad

Never Be Normal releases the synth-Q subtractive synth

IK Multimedia Ships iRig Mic Field

Capture audio or video with high-quality stereo sound on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Android App For Musical Collaboration

GrooveCloud released as open beta on Google Play

Play Multi-FX On Your iPad

NOIISE releases FLUX:FX by Adrian Belew


Vocal Effects On Your iPhone

TC-Helicon releases Voice Rack: FX


Advanced Cross-Synthesis For iOS

apeSoft's Sparkle is a tool for advanced spectral hybridizations

CZ-Style Synth For iPad

Retronyms releases Phase84 Phase Distortion synthesizer

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Podcast:Sonic TALK 389 - Damn! Its NAMM!

What we know, and what we dont know


1 NAMM 2015: The ARP ODYSSEY Returns

The official word is out

2 NAMM 2015: Roland JDXi First Look

Roland's new "Synth Crossover"

3 NAMM 2015: Dave Smith and Sequential Prophet 6

So a true analog poly is possible..

4 NAMM 2015: Roland's New JD-XA - Big Daddy Of JD-Xi

Now this looks interesting too

5 NAMM 2015: Akai Timbre Wolf Analog 4-Voice

Who guessed this was coming?

6 NAMM 2015: Moog Announces The Return Of The Modular

Three large format modular synthesizer systems to be made available in a limited run

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NAMM 2015: Odyssey Here it is - Video 

A quick look at the new reissue

NAMM 2015: Akai Timbre Wolf Analog 4-Voice 

Who guessed this was coming?

NAMM 2015: Tip-Top Audio 

Circadian Rhythms and those beautiful new Serge modules

NAMM 2015: Arturia Beatstep Pro 

Pads on steroids