WNAMM13: Make Noise Modules and Records

First release - Richard Devine   05-Feb-13

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Winter NAMM 2013 - Make Noise

Tony Rolando showed us the latest models from Make Noise, makers of interesting Eurorack modular synth modules.

First up is the RxMix - which applies the surrealist technique of Exquisite Corpse game (Consequences in the UK) to control voltage and audio mixing to generate unexpected results. With up to 6 sources that can be algorithmically controlled via external sources.

MMG - Multi Mode Gate - singel channel filter with overlaod on input, strike input and an accent input for additional animation. with CV control of the filter mode too.

Function - single channel analog generator and processor, for sample an hold , track and hold and step waveforms. Based on the Match Engine.

Available later this year.

Make Noise  have also formed Make Noise Records with releases planned from  Richard Devine, Allesandro Cortini, Robert A. A. Lowe, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Surachai

Its a concept series that provides each of the artists with a Make Noise Shared System - a compact self contained modular system and has them create music using only that. First to be released is Richard Devine (Catalog MNR001).

Available on vinyl 7" records - you can find out more at MakeNoiseRecords.com


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EMwhite    Said...

I met Tony at MoogFest this past October. He's a cool dude but definitely "out-there" which is to say that the guy is a very creative thinker and despite being from 'MoogVille', his outfit put the book of analog synthesis into a blender and out mind numbing goodness.

Pushing the envelope (figuratively speaking, of course) in every way. I'm not a Euro format guy but I really admire their wares. Even with the take-up I've seen to date, they stand to out-do themselves again.

05-Feb-13 08:28 PM

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