NAMM 2014: World's First MIDI Controllers With Fully Motorized Faders And Total Recall

The official word on Behringer's Motör Series   26-Jan-14

NAMM 2014: World's First MIDI Controllers With Fully Motorized Faders And Total Recall

Behringer has launched the new Motör Series, described as the world's first MIDI keyboard controllers with the same fully-motorized fader technology used in the X32 Digital Mixing Consoles. We've already brought you a video - here's the official press release...

The Behringer Motör Series USB/MIDI Keyboard Controllers are about to revolutionize the way artists make music. With 61 and 49 keys respectively, the Motör 61 and Motör 49 combine all the must-have features of a professional-quality keyboard controller, plus separate banks of 9 touch-sensitive motorized faders and drum pads that take drum and sample loop performances to the next level. And all of these amazing features integrate magically and seamlessly with all popular DAWs.

Semi-weighted, full-sized keys with velocity and aftertouch functionality give the Motör Series controllers their superior feel – making artists instantly comfortable, so they can be their creative best. The motorized, 60 mm faders are centrally-located for fast and easy control of soft synths, drawbar organs, effects and DAW parameters. The added bank of 8 backlit, velocity and pressure-sensitive drum pads offer the ultimate in artistic expression and freedom.

Best of all, the Motör 61 and Motör 49 come ready for action right out of the box, automatically mapping the most-commonly used parameters of virtually all popular software instruments and audio workstations. As a bonus, Behringer also offers user presets for a variety of specific software/hardware combinations – absolutely free of charge.

"These Motör Series controllers are set to do for live and recording performers, what the X32 did for live digital mixing professionals – they will change the game completely!" said Product Manager Bert Niedermeyer. "The feel of the key-bed is smooth and responsive, and the new control format lets users tap into DAW functionality – without having to sit in front of a computer."

Pricing and Availability:

The Behringer Motör61 and Motör49 are available at a suggested U.S. MAP of $299.99 and $249.99, respectively

More information:



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selercs    Said...

Nice! Behringer has some cool stuff.

26-Jan-14 09:39 AM

Conc    Said...

You know that the CME VX controllers have had motorized controllers long before the Motor line? It's not necessarily a "world' first" thing.

26-Jan-14 10:26 AM

just checking    Said...

"available at a suggested U.S. MAP of $299.99 and $249.99"

doesn't he say 449 and 339 on video?

26-Jan-14 10:28 AM

space2013    Said...

Eh? He said $449 and $349 in the video!

26-Jan-14 12:28 PM

Nathaniel    Said...

Ah yes, the CME VX series. I will never understand how a company could manufacture something simultaneously so sturdy and unreliable.

I have a VX5, and it's a beautiful piece of kit: polished red aluminum that makes Nords look like toys. And yet, I got lucky that I "only" have to factory-reset mine every bloody time I turn it on. And the faders, while cool-looking, get in the way with their jumpiness.

Here's hoping Behringer can make a motorised keyboard that actually works like it's supposed to.

26-Jan-14 01:09 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Give us Polyphonic Aftertouch and then we're talking

26-Jan-14 01:55 PM

whoas    Said...

are those prices (249.99 and 299.99) from the official press release? if so I'd say Behringer might just sell a few of these...

27-Jan-14 01:57 AM

DR.E    Said...

Still not been relaesed... Arrrggg

10-Nov-14 05:05 AM

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