Podcast: Sonic TALK 346 - Post NAMM - AIRA, Keytars and Geetars

The panel discuss the NAMM 2014 show   06-Feb-14

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79:16 mins


Our post NAMM 2014 wrap. We also welcome new guest Corry Banks - from BBoyTechReport.com.
It was a busy show, a number of new products across many categories.
We talk about the panels favourite, we also cover the trends in tech and guitars, as well as the product that wasn't actually there - Roland's AIRA.
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cichaczu    Said...

Nick, it was a great to include Corry in the podcast. It would be great to have him back, as he brings a whole new perspective and background into the discussion.

06-Feb-14 12:26 PM

huigui    Said...

Agreed! Corry is a great addition to the podcast er... cast.

Some comments on the new Mac Pro next week, Nick?

07-Feb-14 04:10 AM

glen    Said...

nick, have you got the Aira's yet? are you going to do a demo on the day of release? its been a tough wait...

11-Feb-14 11:41 AM

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