Podcast: SonicTALK 362 - Raven V2.0 - Which Kick Mic

Steve Howell, UAD Cards issue   04-Jun-14

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We first pay our respects to Steve Howell who sadly passed away suddenly last weekend, Steve was a pioneer of Akai Samplers, keen synthesist and creator of many amazing Kontakt libraries. We then discuss the UAD card incompatibilities with the new Mac Pro, Solo, Duo and Quad cards just cannot work with the new machine. Then we discuss the innovative new features of the Steven Slate Raven V2.0 and Batch commands, the panel give their preferences for bass drum mic selection, and we briefly discuss the demise of BBC Television centre and the forthcoming auction.

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Fritz    Said...

The UAD move seems somewhat ProTools-esque, however, if the reason they can't support the old cards is due to Apple nixing the FireWire technology... That unfortunately was to be expected. While FireWire has offered some cool features (like Daisy Chaining hard drives) for whatever reason it hasn't really gotten an upgrade on over 2 YEARS. Hence the Apollo series using Thunderbolt....

As for the sound quality of UAD, I will let the droves of top-flight mix engineers using their plugins speak for itself. Even guys who COULD go sit on a G-Series are choosing to go in the box. And UAD is a HUGE part of that.

05-Jun-14 08:11 AM

Champ    Said...

If I buy a new Mac Pro I think it could handle these plugins plugins easily right? Even on the old Mac Pro is could've been done right?

So whats the reason for people buying this? One of the obvious reasons is that the plugins are only on that platform. (well there is still hardware lets not forget that)

But then I'm thinking why would I allow these companies forcing me to use a very expensive dongle which will loose support one way or the other. To me it looks like Powercore etc all over again.

I'll rather buy 1 500 serie module at the price of 3 plugins any day. At least I know they (if build probably) last a long long time, sound properly, and doesn't care if I update anything else in the setup. :-)

06-Jun-14 02:29 PM

e.scarab    Said...

I encourage everyone to check out the ElectroVoice N/D868. For purpose built mic for kick and low end stuff. And you can "tune" it for a variety of kick drum sounds just by experimenting with placement. It really does sound pretty amazing out of the box. Easiest kick ever to use, stage or studio. And with minimal EQ-ing, you can make it sound like just about and kind of mic you want, from Audix D6 Beater hits, Beta 52 oomph to full on, resonant "BIG BASS DRUM" D112. If you haven't tried one, in or out side the drum, it is really the simplest kick mic I've ever used pretty much no matter the type of drums, style, or using minimal equipment. I find it far out performs it's price.

19-Jun-14 02:04 AM

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