Presentation: E-Instruments Session Keys Grand S and Y

Kontakt based grand pianos have great dynamics and more.   09-Jun-14

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e-Instruments are known for their meticulously sample based Kontakt instruments. The new Session Keys Grand S and Grand Y are no exception with forensically sampled Steinway D4 (S) and Yamaha CFIIIS (Y) grand pianos.

Both instruments are sampled with both lid open - a more traditional concert format and lid off - with closer mics for a more studio experience. e-Instruments are also arch Kontakt scripters and have created plenty of tonal variation with their Pentamorph tonal control - which also opens up the instruments to more sound design and prepared pianos type use plus the Animator for clever, dynamic, auto piano part creation and Smart Chord for single finger chord creation with modifier keys, making these more than just  sampled piano instruments.


I was particularly impressed with the dynamics and sustain of both of these pianos, very playable and extremely musical.

Product specialist Russ Hughes who you may also know from gave us a look and listen to both.


4.7GB each, require Kontakt V5 player.

Session Keys Grand S, Session Keys Grand Y $99/€99 each or $159/€159 for both as a bundle

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Oscar    Said...


Auto accompaniment piano….

JUST what the world needs


09-Jun-14 11:49 AM

Wildman    Said...

My Dear Oscar,

As Russ pointed out its not about auto accompaniment, its about giving people inspiration.What Russ forgot to add was the direction this inspiration will take you in. Like getting a nice stereo pair of mics and enjoy developing your own style of playing.

12-Jun-14 09:05 AM

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