Sweet Novation Bass Station II B-Line

I swear its a double bass   12-Jun-14

Youtube user Doc Skim, who has a penchant for pretty awesome Jazz Funk has just posted this video of the track Cuppa Tea featuring the Novation Bass Station II doing what its name implies - playing the bass line for this 9/8 Jazz piece. Novation themselves are impressed, having just tweeted it out:

This is dope. -- RT @skimthedoc: @WeAreNovation You guys finally checked out my vid ;)

The sound is pretty tasty, as is the composition, even if its not your Cup of Tea (sorry!), you can't fail to appreciate the craftmanship that went into it.

If you want to find out more about the Novation Bass Station II- then check out our review.



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Tomislav // BPB    Said...

Damn, how did he make those finger slides to work? This sounds awesome.

12-Jun-14 06:02 AM

GTRman    Said...

Excellent work, sounds great.

12-Jun-14 07:04 AM

brian from usa    Said...

It does sound good, but anyone who would be fooled into thinking it's a real DB is not a bassist like I am ;)

12-Jun-14 08:16 AM

gridsleep    Said...

So jazz. Much Michel Legrand. Epic doge.

12-Jun-14 11:07 AM

Ted    Said...

Very nice bass patch (and playing!) A week after I bought my BSII, I sold off my other monos. It's ridiculously versatile and fun. Owning a BSII is like having an SH-101 modded with dual oscillators, a built-in distortion pedal, full MIDI control and patch storage, and a built-in sequencer. And don't forget it has a total of 7 filter options (low, band, high pass all in 12 or 24 slopes, plus the dedicated acid filter.) Novation have been making a renewed marketing push, but you can believe the hype. The thing is magic in a 2-octave plastic chassis.

12-Jun-14 01:07 PM

Champ    Said...

Nice video. I really like the BS2personally. Its cheap but not poor. Such a fun synth to play with and the sounds you can create are pretty useful for many genres. This vid kinda shows that. To bad I can't stand jazz. :p

12-Jun-14 03:43 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Yeah, this video is really impressive. Great work.

I love my BSII. I think it's the best value in a monosynth, period. And... yeah, what Ted said.

The new monosynths that are out are so good that I don't think it's really necessary to hunt for the old relics anymore, thank God.

To cover all your classic mono sounds, you could get the following:

BSII (for that dope old Roland vibe and much more besides)

MS20 Mini

Moog Sub 37

DSI Pro 2 when it arrives

Korg ARP Odyssey.

Those instruments will give you the entire history of monophonic synth awesomeness.

And yeah, the BSII is key.

23-Jun-14 01:36 AM

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