Podcast: Sonic TALK 365 - DSI Pro-2, Trigger Finger Pro, Apple 3.5mm Jack?

MPC workflow, touring and more   26-Jun-14

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81:34 mins



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We start with an appraisal of the latest monster mono from Dave Smith Instrumens - the Pro-2, then we talk about the dynamics and reason for small tours - are they still viable? We enjoy a great video from 20syl - Kodoma, Trigger Finger Pro andf the general appeal of the MPC workflow, are Apple gonna ditch the mini jack for headphones? Then a look at why and when you buy new sounds.


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KingVidiot    Said...

I'm glad I caught the tail end of the live stream. Nude reviews would be hilarious.

I liked the comment about the strategically-placed volume pedal. :-)

Great show as usual.

26-Jun-14 12:27 PM

Woo    Said...

I think it was a little bit of a knee-jerk response to pile onto Apple because of a speculative article.

It's kind of silly to think Apple will get rid of the audio jack, but even if they did such an unlikely thing it would (a) have benefits as described in said article and (b) a dongle would undoubtedly be available or included from Day 1.

26-Jun-14 08:17 PM

abel macgregor    Said...

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30-Jun-14 08:21 AM

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