MESSE 2016: This New Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar is Crazy!!

Reverb and chorus inside the body of this acoustic guitar!!   08-Apr-16

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We have to admit that acoustic guitars are not always on our radar at trade shows, however when we heard about Yamaha's new LA-TA western guitar we were intrigued, to say the least.

The LA-TA is a standard acoustic guitar with some very interesting dsp inside that allows you to add reverb and chorus to the sound of your acoustic.

This is not on an external effect through the jack output, the effects are played through the body of the guitar!

You have to hear it to believe it, so we'll let you watch the video...

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Mike    Said...

I have watched this twice and still don't get how it works! But it does sound very nice!

08-Apr-16 09:16 AM

Glitterballs    Said...

Intriguing. Hard to really hear the effect because the room itself so is ambient. Also wish he would have given us some more choppy percussive strums. Hard to hear reverb in long sustaining notes. Thanks for letting as know about anyway.

08-Apr-16 11:09 AM

BB    Said...

@glitter There's a few videos popping up on YouTube with a better demo. The one with Dave Goodman shows it off nicely. I expect more to be added soon.

As far as the guitar itself.... I'm beginning to think some sort of black magic was involved ! Amazing.

08-Apr-16 11:22 AM

cooptrol    Said...

This would go very well with teh acoustic synthesis guitar

09-Apr-16 12:47 PM

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