BitHeadz' Phrazer set to stun

Kelsey Grammer not consulted over software release      24/07/00

'Finally we have a product for the Mac that accomplishes what Sonic Foundry's ACID has done for PC users,' said a magnanimous BitHeadz CEO Steve O'Connell, as the company launched Phrazer at the Macworld Expo in NYC. According to the company, the new software bridges the gap between high-end multitrack audio sequencers and more basic looping tools, providing a 'simplistic yet powerful solution for mixing and matching audio loops on the fly'. 'Now any Mac user can quickly match up different loops using standard digital audio files, Phrazer native files, or even ACID files imported from the PC platform,' continued O'Connell. As well as adding volume and panning automation, plus DSP FX, to loop/phrase combinations, you can fine tune audio files with the sample editor, sync your system to external MIDI set-ups, or output your Phrazer file to other audio applications. 'We believe the innovation of Phrazer will revolutionize the way musicians and producers handle looping and beat matching on the computer,' predicted an increasingly excitable BitHeadz CEO Steve O'Connell. 'The level at which these kinds of compositional techniques have permeated popular music is astounding and BitHeadz is very excited to provide a quality product designed to meet the growing demands of this market.' Hey, we told you he was excited... Phrazer is optimized for Apple's G4 processor and will support ASIO, Direct I/O, DirectConnect, MAS 2.0, ReWire, and Sound Manager. The product is expected to ship any time now.


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