CreamWare Breaks the 3.0 Barrier

New software version 3.01 for the CreamWare DSP cards Luna II, PowerSampler      18/11/01

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Starting immediately, CreamWare's Luna II recording card for Windows and Mac is delivered with version 3.01 software. With the new software, Luna II positions itself even further out in front of other audio I/O cards. Dozens of new features and improvements make the recording card more attractive than ever before. Since PowerSampler and Elektra are based on Luna II, all new features apply to these DSP systems as well. The new software package includes a collection of new DSP effects which are computed in realtime by the Luna card's three SHARC DSPs. Especially worthy of note is the MasterVerb, a high-quality reverb effects that compares well against external reverb processors. Also included: chorus, flanger, phaser, compressor, limiter, gate, EQ and various delay effects. All effects use the same 32-bit precision algorithms employed by the larger CreamWare DSP systems. The new version also benefits from countless improvements to the user interface. Most of the new features have been adopted from Pulsar software version 3 (e.g. screensets, replace function, search engine). They significantly simplify working with Luna II, especially regarding the simultaneous use of many plug-ins. The Luna Recording Mixer and the 5.1 Surround Mixer have also been revised. Further new developments include an ultra-low-latency ASIO driver with 64 channels, AC3 Dolby Surround digital output via S/PDIF, a control room module with a test tone generator, tools to enhance the integration of external studio equipment, accelerated graphics and more. In addition, Luna II can now be used under Windows 2000/XP. Owners of all previous versions of Luna, PowerSampler and Elektra can update to version 3 software for 98 Euro. The update is available directly via the CreamWare Online Shop, as well as from authorized CreamWare dealers. The update is available free of charge to those who purchased Luna II, PowerSampler or Elektra in October 2001. For users who are only interested in Windows 2000/XP compatibility, a special update for software version 2.5 will also be provided - for free download from our website. Tentative date of availability: December 2001. Suggested retail prices: Luna II: 460 Euro net, PowerSampler: 670 Euro net, Elektra: 670 Euro net


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