Get Some Xmas SparkLE from TC Works

Fab festive savings - no free mince pies though      12/12/01
TC Works today announced a special Christmas offer for SparkLE, the new real-time audio editing and authoring application for Mac OS 9 & X. From December 5th, SparkLE will be available as a download at the special price of $19.95/ 19.95. SparkLE includes a Plug-In bundle with a mastering quality Audio Maximizer, a flexible Tempo Delay and a One Band EQ with selectable Notch, Low Pass, High Pass and Parametric types of equalization. A real-time Master window provides high resolution metering and 4 slots for Plug-In processing. The Play List section allows for fast, complex and non-destructive audio edits and CD project preparation. Key features are the unlimited real-time cross fading and the export in Roxio Toast format for easy CD-burning. SparkLE also features enhanced QuickTime movie support, enabling audio production for digital video with frame accurate and stutter-free movie playback and instant resizing of the movie window. All major audio file formats are supported – from AIFF, WAV and SDII to all file formats available thru QuickTime. SparkLE is compatible with VST Plug-Ins and features sample rates of up to 192 kHz and bit depths from 8 to 32 bit. The real-time sample rate conversion even enables playback and editing of high resolution files without requiring optional professional audio hardware. In January, an advanced version of SparkLE will become available, addressing even more needs of the media authoring community with MP3 encoding, featuring the original Fraunhofer codec for optimal results with bit rates up to 320 kbps and enhanced QuickTime support. This version will be available for $49/ 49, registered users of the current SparkLE 2.1 will have access to a special update at a reduced price of only $10/ 10 – that’s substantial savings of almost $20/ 20 for anyone buying SparkLE before December 31st, 2001! Pricing & Availability
SparkLE for Mac OS 9 & X is available from December 5th, 2001 for only $19.95/ 19.95 as an introductory offer. From January, the new version of SparkLE, including MP3 encoding, will be $ 49 US/ 49. Registered users of SparkLE 2.1 can upgrade their existing SparkLE to this advanced version for only $10/ 10.


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