Multi-track On Yer iPAQ

Groove away on yer PDA, etc.. with ace app for the WinCE/Pocket PC platform.      12/02/02

Tucked away in an unassuming stand at the recent Sounds-Expo exhibition in London, was probably the coolest exhibit of the show. UK based software developer Cobwebb Communications were showing a deeply nifty Sequencing/ Sampling package for the burgeoning WinCE, PocketPC market. This serious tool based around the plug-in architecture concept, allows owners of a PDA (personal digital assistant) running WindowsCE for the pocket PC, to create CD quality music, and is aimed primarily at the musician on the move. At last, a seriously portable sequencing and sampling tool. Imagine 44.1 Khz, 16bit output quality in your pocket with a 24bit internal signal path giving you maximum headroom. Refreshing. A Grid Pattern Editor is used to input your sounds, the Sean Connery of UI’s (nice knobs and sliders), song editor, section editor and parameter editor. If that is a little hard to take, the real-time sequencer is driven at 480ppqn for maximum tightness, with bpm and time signature both fully adjustable. Version one will is released with built-in instruments to include – Sampler, Synth, Reverb, Delay and many more, with further plug-ins and samples available to download. Futher system enhancements are planned and are completely driven by user input – so if you want see a USB keyboard for real time input or enable use of the iPAQs built in mic to mumble vocal lines over your creations then you’d better get stuck in. BTW, the software is ridiculously underpriced at £29.99 (+/-$40). Griff Version 1 for WinCE PocketPC’s and PDA’s was released on December 17th and is available as a download from the website:


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