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The Pocketstudio 5 is a new low-cost portable multitrack digital recorder that uses Compact Flash cards for media. In addition to its four audio tracks, the Pocketstudio 5 features an internal MIDI synthesizer module which can be used to play back sequences along with its audio tracks. Also offering computer interfacing with a built-in USB port and over 100 internal effects, the Pocketstudio 5 can be seen as following in the footsteps of the classic PortaStudio format. “The Pocketstudio 5 represents the state of the art in portable recording for musicians,” says Jace Nuzback, TASCAM product specialist. “Although there have been other tools that allow for recording to Compact Flash, the Pocketstudio 5 is the only recorder in its class that also offers the advanced capabilities of an internal MIDI synth module, MP3 mixdown and playback and USB computer interfacing.” TASCAM’s Pocketstudio 5 also includes 100 standard MIDI files that allow users to be able to quickly audition the capabilities of the recorder by playing an instrument over the built-in background music. Plus, users can create new compositions with the Pocketstudio 5 using these files, since each is comprised of six standard song components (Intro, Verse 1, Verse 2, Fill 1, Fill 2 and end) which can be rearranged. Its high-quality internal synthesizer module allows playback of any sequence in the Standard MIDI file format. The Pocketstudio 5 also allows people to create a final stereo mix in MP3 format which can be sent to personal computers via its USB port and subsequently posted on web sites and emailed to friends and collaborators. Also, this capability allows the Pocketstudio 5 to also be used as a portable MP3 player. As a digital recorder, editing capabilities like auto punch in/out, copy/paste editing of audio and MIDI tracks using bars-and-beats and track bouncing are easily accomplished. The PocketStudio 5 is truly a portable digital recording solution, with its compact design and its ability to run for two hours using standard AA-sized alkaline batteries. It also includes an AC power supply, a 32MB Compact Flash card, and a headset microphone to supplement its built-in condenser mic. For additional information on the Pocketstudio 5 and other TASCAM products, please visit TASCAM’s Web site at
  • www.tascam.com.

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