The whole range gets a re-vamp      15/03/02

Well, after NAMM and Access denying a forthcoming C – we get to the MESSE and find out it’s all true – what fibbers! Oh, well I do suppose that it’s important to time these things right and hey, we should be thankful that we got something new! And indeed we are. Demonstrating what they call “a commitment to true product evolution,” the Virus C Series covers the whole range and are all equipped with a new generation of Motorola processors. The C Series significantly outperforms its predecessors in the DSP arena, with 32 voice polyphony, more effects, an expanded mod matrix, undo/redo capability, and more. Additionally, the lineup sports a completely redesigned user interface for “intuitive realtime access” to key parameters across a range of new and recently-added features. 69 LEDs help to communicate the increased amount of information, with extra details like arpeggiator control, namable soft-knobs, and tempo LED will help the performing musician. A 3-band equalizer has been added for use with each program or part, increasing the total number of simultaneous effects to a noteworthy 98. Designed to provide a serious tool for sound shaping or mixdown, the new EQ offers Low, Mid, and Hi bands with independent frequency and gain controls, and an additional parameter for setting the width or ‘Q’ of the mid band. The modulation matrix has been expanded to 6 source and 9 destination slots, offering an unprecedented degree of programmatic flexibility for internally programmed or midi-automated realtime control of almost every parameter. Creative musicians will also appreciate the convenience of dedicated RANDOM and UNDO buttons (or, “there and back again”). The Virus C Series includes four all new models, three of which are now shipping:
  • Virus C Desktop
    Completely rebuilt UI and a stunning new bright red display. Availability status: IN PRODUCTION, Pricing: EURO 1695.- (German list price incl. VAT)
  • Virus kc
    C Series engine; velocity/aftertouch sensitive, 61-key semi-weighted keyboard with master-keyboard functions. Availability status: IN PRODUCTION, Pricing: EURO 2195.- (German list price incl. VAT)
  • Indigo 2
    C Series engine with blue LEDs, aluminum side panels; 37-key keyboard with aftertouch and master-keyboard functions Availability status: IN PRODUCTION, Pricing: EURO 2195.- (German list price incl. VAT)
  • Virus Rack XL
    Single space rack unit with ALL the features of the C Series engine and built in power supply. Availability status: IN PRODUCTION, Pricing: EURO 1495.- (German list price incl. VAT)

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