MESSE: Spotted - Fat Meek Green Thing

The Hulk gone soft? New Instrument Head from JoeMeek      15/03/02

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Makers of cool green audio stuff JoeMeek had a brand new box on display at the show - a studio-quality instrument pre with their famed EQ, optical compression, and a new 'opto-distort' feature.

This is what they say about it:

JOEMEEK have been making studio products that have been used by instrumentalists since the company's conception. They have been the chosen pre amps on stages around the world because of the powerful and rich tone that they produce from a live instrument. However, there has not been a JOEMEEK product designed specifically as an instrument 'head' from JOEMEEK, meaning some facility has had to be compromised by the players that choose the JOEMEEK sound.

Finally JOEMEEK have developed and produced the FATHEAD VC8; an instrument pre with all the quality of the studio JOEMEEK's but with the facility of a true instrument head. Close cooperation with players has lead to us giving the FATHEAD a unique opto-distort feature, giving a vintage analogue distortion that can be anything from valve warmth through to FULL ON screaming fuzz. As with other JOEMEEK channels, the classic optical compressor is included. Favouring simplicity of use over control, the compressor has been given presets, allowing for fast access to a variety of JOEMEEK compression effects with settings from 'Warm Meek' for subtle warmth, to 'Super Joe'- for absolutely massive crunching compression.

To be even more in tune with the needs of the musician, the Fathead has been given an amazingly versatile dual sweeping EQ that is highly interactive, giving extreme musical effect, while maintaining superb tone. The new adaptation of the famous Meequalizer features an LF and Mid sweep controls that actually cross over, allowing for extreme effect. As with all Meek EQ, this is phase levelling, so that enormous amounts of cut and boost can be applied (up to +/-16dB!) without any harshness that is often associated with digital or desk EQs.

When in use on stage, an instrument head is most often used with both a local amplifier and speaker stack, as well as sending a feed to a console for PA purposes. The JOEMEEK FATHEAD has a separate PA output with independent gain control, and a pre/post effects switch, meaning that no DI boxes or signal splitters are needed when used on a larger stage. Of course, all outputs are electronically floating balanced, so the best possible signal quality is assured for both the musician and sound engineer.

The JOEMEEK FATHEAD's effects can be controlled by the front panel, and by the included 'FATHEAD Controller' 4-way footswitch. The footswitch allows the musician to quickly bypass or enable the compressor, distortion, EQ and mute functions. This enables effective stage operation, as well as convenient remote control in the studio.

Additional facilities include a tuner output that is not affected by the mute function (allowing quick tune up with an external tuner) and an insert point for additional effects.

JOEMEEK Fathead features:

  • JOEMEEK compressor, with 5 presets
  • Currentsense Mic pre,
  • +48V Phantom, 20dB pad, Phase reverse
  • Line, XLR mic and instrument inputs
  • Unique Optical Distortion feature, with in/out and optical drive
  • All new Meequalizer with Low and Mid sweep, and high shelf controls
  • Dual amplifier outputs, floating balanced
  • DI output with pre/post switch and independent gain control
  • Included Footswitch with EQ, distortion, compressor and mute controls
  • 24bit digital upgrade slot - uses VC1QD module


    PRICE : £299 inc VAT / £254.46 (417 EURO/ $360 USD) export (to be confirmed)


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