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Mackie Announces Windows 2000, and XP Support for the UAD-1      12/04/02
The recently unveiled Universal Audio and Mackie distribution deal has swung effectively into action with the announcement of version 2.0 software for the UAD-1 DSP card. Version 2.0 now brings much awaited MAC OS support as well as Win ME, 2000 and XP. Also included are two new plugins:
The EX-1M which is a monophonic version of the existing stereo EX-1 channel strip, and the DM-1L which provides stereo delay times up to 2400 milliseconds per channel, and expanded UAD Performance Meter functions. Version 2.0 and both new plug-ins are a free upgrade for existing UAD-1 users and are currently available for download at:
  • www.uaudio.com/uad-1 or at
  • www.mackie.com/uad-1 These upgrades will be included with future versions of the Mackie UAD-1 beginning May 1. Mackie’s President and Chief Executive Officer Jamie Engen, had this to say; "Full support for all Windows versions, especially Windows 2000 and XP, opens up a vast new customer base for the UAD-1. Now, almost any Windows-based project studio can benefit from the incredible power of the UAD-1." The Mackie UAD-1 includes a suite of DSP-intensive software plug-ins that are "powered" by the UAD-1 DSP card which brings ultra-high performance signal processing to host-based systems – using a single super-computing DSP chip that outperforms the DSP hardware engines of today's popular high-end DAWs using multiple DSP chips. The end result is a quantum leap in performance that offers digital audio workstation users professional quality plug-ins with multiple instances unencumbered by the limitations of the host processor. The growing Powered Plug-ins family included with the Mackie UAD-1 currently includes Kind of Loud Technologies’ highest quality stereo reverb, RealVerb ProÔ ; digital recreations of Universal Audio’s legendary 1176LNÔ and Teletronix LA-2AÔ compressors; and the CS-1Ô Channel Strip that includes the EX-1 and EX-1M EQ/Compressor, DM-1 Modulated Delay, DM-1L Modulated Long Delay (2400ms stereo), and RS-1 Room Simulator modules. The new Version 2.0 upgrade is free for all registered users. The UAD-1 Powered Plug-Ins has a U.S. suggested retail price of $995.00.


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