RADAR 24 Version 3.10 Ships

iZ Technology beefs the OS for HD system      20/05/02

Press Release
Burnaby, B.C. – iZ Technology, developers of the industry leading RADAR . line of multitrack recorders, is now shipping the much-anticipated 3.10 software upgrade for their flagship product the RADAR . 24. Since its introduction in 1992, studios, artists and engineers around the world have praised RADAR for its crash-free reliability, lightning-fast editing and incredible audio quality. Now with time-stamped Broadcast Wave file export, PC and Mac digital audio workstation users can benefit from the smooth, warm audio that RADAR users have enjoyed for years. According to George Cumbee of Classic Recording in Franklin Tennessee (www.classicrecording.com), “Everyone knows RADAR has the sound quality, but we needed compatibility too. With so many [RADAR] units in Nashville we needed to handle the [RADAR] format on a daily basis but we also wanted the ability to export to ProTools . for our clients and ourselves. Now we can track on the RADAR 24 and send it over to ProTools . with just a couple of keystrokes. RADAR has done more to increase our business than any purchase of equipment we have ever made in over 25 years. It’s always been a great sounding, reliable recorder and now with 3.10 it’s compatible too.” iZ Technology’s VP of Marketing, Robin Leboe explains “3.10 is the first stage in making the RADAR 24 plug and play compatible with other systems. We want to remove obstacles from the creative process and do our bit to keep technology out of the way.” Leboe says the company is serious about listening to customers. “A lot of new features in 3.10 are a direct result of requests by RADAR 24 users worldwide.” Robin continues, “The feedback that we’ve received so far is telling us that 3.10 adds substantial value to our product. It saves RADAR 24 owners time and money”. Other unique features of the new software include:
  • Gain/Fade editing for fade ins, fade outs and gain adjustment
  • Broadcast Wave and .wav Export via DVD-RAM or Ethernet
  • HFS and FAT 32 SCSI support with optional card
  • Ethernet Backup and Restore to CIFS server
  • Searchable, onboard electronic manual (updated with each new software release)
  • New file management features including deletion of archives and backups
  • New locate management features including Delete All and Delete Between Markers
  • Single, Dual and Quad AES/EBU modes for 96 and 192 kHz digital audio interfacing
  • Compact metering provides arming and metering for multiple units from a single remote
  • 22 new Direct Access Session Controller function keys The new software package is available from dealers or directly from iZ Technology at a cost of $99.00 US per upgrade bundle. The package includes the four 3.10 software diskettes, a print version of the new manual, a key cap removal tool and a package containing the 22 replacement Session Controller key caps. For more information visit:
  • www.recordingtheworld.com or call iZ Technology at 1-800-776-1356.

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