Karma Engine Avialable In Software

Version 1.0 for Mac and Windows      17/10/02

KARMA® is the algorithmic music generation technology at the heart of the award-winning Korg Karma Music Workstation. Developed by professional musician and programmer Stephen Kay, KARMA generates unique musical effects in real-time, allowing effortless creation of complex interweaving notes, techno arpeggios and effects, dense rhythmic and melodic textures, natural sounding glissandos for acoustic instrument programs, guitar strumming and finger-picking simulations, random effects, auto-accompaniment effects, gliding and swooping portamento and pitch bend effects, and new sound design possibilities. As the "MW" in the name indicates, KARMA MW Software is a version dedicated to the Korg Karma Music Workstation. Karma owners can now edit all 400+ parameters of a GE (Generated Effect). These parameters are mostly hidden in the Karma Music Workstation, with a maximum of 16 being available, but you can view and edit all of them using the software, along with the Performance parameters associated with each KARMA Module. Other features include:
  • Graphical editing and creation of Drum Patterns, Rhythm Patterns, Duration Patterns, Index Patterns, Cluster Patterns, Velocity Patterns, CC Patterns, Envelopes, and more!
  • Create new GEs, and edit existing GEs into new configurations. Download the GEs to the Karma Music Workstation via MIDI SysEx Dump, or via export to floppy disk.
  • Import phrases and drum grooves from the Karma¹s internal sequencer, or from any SMF source (such as external sequencers) and transform them into KARMA GEs.
  • Import Triton arpeggios and convert them to KARMA GEs. Automatically assigns GE Parameters and Knobs and Switches for instant interactivity going far beyond the original arps.
  • Popup ³tooltips² and instant access to the applicable sections of online Help provide comprehensive documentation of the powerful features.
  • Captivating visual display of the MIDI data being generated in real-time.
  • Operate the KARMA Software as an additional 4 modules at the same time as the Karma Keyboard ­ it¹s like having two Karma¹s at once! List price is $149 online, but some Korg Distributors are bundling the software with new Korg Karma purchases, and may also be making it available to their customers for less. See the links below for complete details.
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