WNAMM03:Triton Expands Sound Set

New Trance Attack PCM expansion and more      19/01/03


Jack Hotop - Korg's voicing manager

Though Korg weren’t showing any major additions in the hi-tech area this year, they do have a bunch of new sounds for the Triton series. Jack Hotop, Korg’s ace demonstrator and sound designer for almost twenty years folks he’s responsible for such classics as the M1 piano and Pick bass sounds, gave us an extensive rundown of the new boards palette of sounds. The EXB-PCM09 “Trance Attack” expansion board takes sounds from all over the Korg range. Right back to the 700s and Monopoly, plus extensive drum hits and loops. Many of the combination sounds provide a complete ensemble of Trance flavoured composition sounds and patterns. See Jack Hotop's demonstration (coming soon) This 16MB collection contains over 240 new samples used to create a massive collection of sounds. 128 Programs and drumkits, 128 Combinations, plus all-new arpeggiator patterns deliver a powerful new sound palette. Three full sets of RPPR (Real Time Pattern Play and Record) patterns are included for live performance and songwriting. Korg USA is also providing 256 additional Programs for use with this board available for free download at www.korg.com. “Global Village” (TNCD-002) is a new CD-ROM of world music instruments developed in partnership with Q Up Arts. The collection contains a wide variety of ethnic percussion, stringed, and wind instruments that are fully programmed to take advantage of the TRITON’s powerful synthesis, effects, and performance controllers. Arpeggiator settings are also provided. The collection is compatible with the Studio, Classic, Rack, and Le models and loads into sample RAM. “TRITON Drum Hits & Ambience” (TNCD-003) takes an in-depth approach to providing sampled drum kits. Not only have the drums been sampled, but the ambient sound of the recording studio is also provided as a separate sound that can be blended in. Developed by Perfectionear, various configurations of Ludwig and Yamaha drumkits were recorded in the famous Surrey Sound Studios in England. Small, medium, large, and gated stereo ambiences are provided for truly natural and expressive performance. “Trance Attack” is currently shipping; the two CD-ROM titles will be available in the U.S. in March 2003. “Trance Attack” (EXB-PCM09) $240 list price
“Global Village” (TNCD-002) $99 list price
“TRITON Drum Hits & Ambience” (TNCD-003) $150 list price
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