MOTU Ship 2 Bus Powered USB MIDI

You wait for a bus and two come a long at once.....      19/06/03

MOTU Ship 2 Bus Powered USB MIDI
The Midi Express 128 (top)
and Micro Lite USB interfaces

MOTU Inc. continue to release news products at quite a pace (see their recent 828 MkII announcement) by shipping two new bus-powered USB MIDI interfaces for Mac OS 9/X and Windows Me/2K/XP. These two additions expand MOTU's line of cross-platform USB MIDI interfaces to a total of five products covering a variety of needs at prices ranging from $149 for the affordable 5x5 micro lite to $595 for the flagship MIDI Timepiece AV MIDI interface and universal AV synchronizer. MIDI Express 128
Built from the same technology found in MOTU¹s flagship MIDI Timepiece, the rack-mountable MIDI Express 128 (US MSRP $249) is a professional MIDI interface that provides plug-and-play connectivity to any USB-equipped Macintosh or Windows computer. The MIDI Express 128 provides 8 MIDI IN, 9 MIDI OUT, 128 MIDI channels and compatibility with all Macintosh and Windows software. Large front-panel LEDs illuminate to indicate MIDI activity. The MIDI Express 128 takes full advantage of USB, giving users high-speed MIDI throughput, sub-millisecond timing accuracy, support for ³hot-swapping² and plug-and-play expansion. For expansion, users can simply add another MOTU USB MIDI interface via any available USB port. The MIDI Express 128 is powered by USB ­ no wall wart or AC plug. The MIDI Express 128 includes drivers for Mac OS9, Mac OS X and Windows Me/2000/XP, making it compatible with virtually all MIDI software on these supported platforms. micro lite
The affordable micro lite (US MSRP $149) shares all of the same features as the MIDI Express 128 in a more compact and portable half-rack format. The micro lite provides 5 MIDI IN, 5 MIDI OUT and delivers 80 MIDI channels to a Mac or PC via high-speed USB connection. With its attractive yet rugged metal casing, the micro lite slides easily into a shoulder bag or briefcase for ultra-compact portability and convenient desktop operation. Removable rack attachments, as well as a custom center-joint fastener, are included and allow users to easily mount two micro lites side by side in a standard 19-inch equipment rack. Both the MIDI Express 128 and micro lite are now shipping and join the 4x6 micro express interface/SMPTE synchronizer (US MSRP $295), the 8x9 MIDI Express XT interface/SMPTE synchronizer (US MSRP $395), and the MIDI Timepiece AV interface and universal AV synchronizer (US MSRP $595) to address any user's needs for MIDI I/O and synchronization at just the right price.


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