SNAMM03: Boss GS-10 Models Many Classic Pedals

Connects to the computer too      23/07/03

SNAMM03: Boss GS-10 Models Many Classic Pedals
Plenty of classic pedals

Guitar effects with built in USB audio seemed to be a recurring theme at this show – there’s clearly a drive to bring more guitarists to the computer and all the power it can wield. Thus it was so with the GS-10 Guitar Effects System, a tabletop guitar multi-effects processor with COSM guitar and bass effects, onboard speakers and a USB audio interface for simplified recording on a computer. As well as choosing from 48 types of amp models with separate EQ and compression, you can run up to 11 simultaneous effects – that’s quite an impressive line up, all programmable via the supplied editing software. Many effects are derived from the long line of classic BOSS guitar pedals and represented on screen in their original colours. The GS-10’s multi-effects are based on the best-selling GT-6 and GT-6B processors, but with entirely new guitar models like “T-AMP” and a selection of incredible COSM bass amp models. Other COSM effects include wah modeling and a variety of overdrive/distortion models. The GS-10 also includes separate delay, chorus and reverb, plus to “FX” processors with everything from flanging and phasing to unique BOSS effects like Harmonist, Defretter, Rotary and Uni-V. There are also independent compression and EQ sections, making the GS-10 an extremely flexible multi-effects processor. Each effect section is clearly laid out on the front panel—complete with rotary knobs and a convenient Tone Modify function for quick editing on the LCD (custom GS-10 editor software is also included). For recording applications, the GS-10 includes a coaxial digital output, plus a USB port that enables users to record into their favorite software (or the bundled Cakewalk Music Creator software) with a simple, single-cable connection. Onboard speakers eliminate the need for external monitoring, while Auxiliary inputs make it possible to play along with a CD or drum machine. Connections to the GS-10 include a 1/4-inch Guitar/Bass input, a Microphone input (1/4-inch or XLR type), a stereo Auxiliary input (RCA type), stereo 1/4-inch outputs, a dedicated Guitar Amp output, stereo Headphones output, coaxial digital output, USB port, MIDI In and Out, and an AC inlet for the supplied AC adaptor. Available this October, priced at $595

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