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Mach 5 Windows versions and a new Beat Detection Engine      21/01/04

MachFive for Windows
Attendees of the show were treated to the full power of MachFive for Windows at the MOTU booth during main stage demos. MOTU also announced that Windows RTAS and Windows HTDM have been added to the list of plug-in formats supported. This means that both Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools HD users will be able to fully incorporate MachFive into their PC-based Pro Tools systems.

Digital Performer Beat Detection Engine
MOTU demonstrated several new features being worked on in Digital Performer, including a consolidated preferences window and enhanced MIDI arpeggiator. MOTU also previewed Digital Performer's Beat Detection Engine. This new audio processing technology examines the transients in waveform data and applies artificial intelligence to determine beat locations and the overall tempo of the audio, even when the audio file is not trimmed to measure or beat boundaries. This core engine has been deployed throughout Digital Performer, allowing users to manipulate the beats and tempo of their audio and MIDI data with unprecedented power, flexibility and ease. CueMix Console Talk-back Feature
Current MOTU FireWire and PCI-424 audio interfaces allow users to operate their studio without a dedicated external mixer, thanks to on-board CueMix DSP mixing features. The CueMix Console software (included) helps users manage their mixing environment, set up monitoring and and so forth. CueMix Console continues to be updated to facilitate "mixerless" operation, and a new version will soon be available for download that includes new talk-back and listen-back features. By setting up the appropriate connections in their studio, a user can click the talk-back button to dim monitor outputs and/or headphone outputs while conversing through a designated talk-back mic with musicians in a separate room or booth. Similarly, a listen-back button is also provided. Both buttons have been mapped to HUI-compatible control surfaces, which can be used for hands-on control of all functions in CueMix Console. The talk-back and listen-back features will soon be available in CueMix Console updates posted to the downloads page of

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