WNAMM04: Virus infects Powercore, and more Access news

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WNAMM04: Virus infects Powercore, and more Access news
Ben Crosland likes the new OS 6.5 filters

Access Music had a significant presence at the show with a large booth at the top of the hall near all the big boys such as Apple and Digidesign - they were showing a couple of new developments; Virus Powercore, and a new upgrade for the Virus itself - OS 6.5. We grabbed a couple of videos; like they say - enjoy ;-) Here's what Access themselves say about the Virus Powercore:- "Based on the Virus Engine this plug-in puts more sonic ammunition at your disposal than any other PowerCore compatible synthesizer available at present. With its 16 voices and three oscillators, two parallel multimode filters and extensive modulation matrix, the Virus PowerCore is more than just another virtual analogue synth. Just the effects section itself would justify this plug-in to be called a multi-effect processor. Virus PowerCore can be used as a VST Instrument for Windows or MacOS X as well as an Audio Unit. The actual synth engine runs on one of the DSPs of the TC PowerCore and therefore doesn’t put any strain on your host CPU. About the Sound Engine Three oscillators plus sub-oscillator, three LFOs, 2 multi stage envelopes, tons of parallel effects and a highly sophisticated modulation matrix explain why the Virus became one of landmarks in analog synthesis. Every feasible parameter can be sync’ed to an incoming clock and even the FX parameters can be adjusted in realtime – without any unwanted artefacts thanks to Access’ acclaimed Adaptive Control Smoothing technology. For those who prefer to use the 4000+ free pre-programmed sounds from the Access website, there is good news as well: About the Patch Management The intuitive patch management system gives you total control over thousands of patches organised in an automatically created hierarchical menu. The file format is the same Standard MIDI File used by the hardware viruses. Recently used Items, Favourite Items and Patch Categories make browsing huge libraries a truly enjoyable experience. About the Easy Page Nowadays where the typical computer musician has to deal with dozens of applications and interfaces it becomes increasingly hard to remember where a certain parameter is located. One way out is Access’ “Easy Page” concept which consolidates the most important parameters on one page and allows the musician to focus again."
  • And here's what they recon about the new OS6.5 for Virus C:- "OS6.5 for the Virus C, KC, Indigo2 and rack XL is the next landmark in our unique software update policy. It underlines the Virus’ OS reputation as the most sought after synthesizer operating system in the industry. You know the Virus sound, the one that’s a staple in all current hit records from Dance to Hip-Hop to Rock. It’s an amazing sound with almost endless possibilities for creative minds. Well it ain’t broke and were not fixing it, but we are introducing a whole new Virus sound courtesy of our brand new filter. Modeled from the Ladder Filter, this self-resonating filter delivers a Virus sound that is gritty and screaming yet rich and warm, but above all is 100% fresh. It’s like downloading a whole new synth into your Virus. And it doesn’t stop here. In difference to the original Ladder Filter you decide on how many filter poles suit your needs. The Access Ladder Filter includes 1 pol [6dB], 2 pol [12dB], 3 pol [18dB] and 4 pol [24dB] variations.
  • more info - www.accessmusic.de

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