Audio Damage Releases Mayhem

My Ear Drums Are SCARED      15/03/04

Audio Damage are a new company to me. Composed of software engineers and music professionals they aim to release software that's both playable and musical. Their first release is Mayhem, a package of VST audio plug-ins for Windows, Macintosh OS X and OS 9. Their are demo's available for download on their website - Press release follows: Now shipping, the Mayhem plug-ins are radical new tools for aggressive contemporary musical styles, aimed at musicians who are tired of trying to coax extreme effects out of humdrum software plug-ins. Included in the Mayhem package: Filterpod: Combining DSP models of analog filters and saturation distortion, Filterpod is a low-pass filter with bite. Its aggressive resonance is enhanced by an adjustable distortion stage, and an internal oscillator provides wide and deep frequency sweeps. Filterpod transforms mild-mannered soft synths into shrieking monsters. Master Destrukto: A one-stop shop for all of your distortion needs, Master Destrukto combines wave warping, asymmetric clipping, sample-rate and bit-depth reduction, and overdrive (based on a model of a vintage guitar pedal) into one destructive plug-in. Each of these effects can be used independently or together. Crush: Unapologetically in your face, Crush is a compressor which celebrates compression artifacts. Crush makes your drum loops pump and breath like never before, and flattens and boosts your vocals to relentless levels. Crush comes in two flavors tailored to mono and stereo applications. TimeFnk: Something old, something new, TimeFnk is a delay plug-in with tempo-synchronized delay times. To emulate the delightful grunge of digital delays of yesteryear, TimeFnk incorporates an adjustable resonant filter and sample-rate reduction. A tempo-synchronized low-frequency oscillator modulates the filter frequency and panning position of the delayed signal. Switchable feedback routing lets you choose between repeats that decay cleanly or disintegrate into sonic murk. The Mayhem package has an MSRP of $149 and is available for purchase at the Audio Damage website, Demonstration versions are available for download.

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