Novation Ships X-Station 25

USB MIDI controller, audio interface and Novation Class synth      10/05/04

Novation Ships X-Station 25
Novation X-25 - you should see the front...

We were told about this some time ago, almost long enough to have forgotten, but joy of joys - Novation have made this a reality.
The ReMote 25 the MIDI controller whose controls were modeled on a classic subtractive synth soon became the ReMote 25 audio - with added audio interface was then cunningly transmogrified thanks to extra on board DSP into a Novation K-class synth. That's right, the controls actually control a 3 oscillator, 8-voice subractive virtual synth that operates independently of your host computers horse-power. The new X-Station 25 is shipping later this month at an expected retail price of $799/749 Euros.
A 49 and 61 key version will become available later this spring KEY FEATURES
  • Virtual analog hardware synthesizer based on Novation KS-engine with 200 presets.
  • Multi-effects processor with up to 6 simultaneous effects on each channel: Reverb / Chorus or Phaser / Delay / Compressor / Distortion and EQ.
  • MIDI remote control surface, all controls assignable. Each template can control up to 150 virtual controls. Program storage for 40 templates. Factory presets for packages including Reason, Native Instruments Plug-Ins, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Live 2 etc.
  • Keyboard with 25 semi-weighted, full-size keys (49 and 61 versions available soon) and aftertouch.
  • 24Bit simultaneous 2 channel Audio I/O (44.1 / 48 Khz) with ultra-low audio latencies.
  • Dual low noise, high bandwidth audio pre-amps ( >70 dB headroom) with phantom power.
  • Separate controls for Line Levels and Headphones, zero latency headphone monitoring and SPDIF digital out
  • USB MIDI Interface with 1 In and 2 Outs
  • Can be powered via Batteries, USB or supplied PSU
  • Recharges suitable batteries via USB
  • Phantom Power also delivered via USB or batteries More info

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  • Novation 49 SL MkII 49-Key Remote MIDI Controller

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