NAMM: Korg Announce Electribe S MKII

More sounds, mod-delay and a new look      23/07/04

NAMM: Korg Announce Electribe S MKII
Shiny and's the mark two

Lets face it, Korg are on a run, they seem to have an uncanny knack for creating products that people just want to buy. I can't remember a Korg dropping a klanger for some time now. Talking to a Korg salesman recently in his new job - "compared to my previous sales jobs, it's a piece of cake, these products just sell themselves". The Electribe range has been a popular one for them too - Korg's ELECTRIBE-SmkII Rhythm Production Sampler joins the recently launched ELECTRIBE-AmkII Analog Modeled Synth and ELECTRIBE-RmkII Rhythm Synthesizer. Designed to provide the same immediacy and ease-of-use as the original model, the new ES-1mkII also features an enhanced soundset, an all-new Modulation Delay effect and a sleek, rugged, metal case design. The ES-1mkII has 95 seconds of sampling time (mono), and can store up to 100 samples in memory. Sounds may be sampled through any of 11 effects, including a new Mod Delay. There is also a Master Delay control for adding tempo-synced digital delay to the overall sound. A real-time resample function allows users to make new loops from complete phrases being played on the ES-1mkII, and to apply effects to previously recorded samples, all with no audio quality loss. A Time Slice feature allows the user to vary phrase tempos without affecting pitch, for creative remixing possibilities. Incoming audio can also be gated in time with a Pattern for rhythmic effects. Gated audio can then be run through the Master Delay for further processing. An intuitive, 16-step Pattern grid is included for creating parts or for real-time recording. More than a simple loop player, the ES-1mkII has nine mono parts available for sequencing new rhythms. Parts can be linked to support stereo samples, and two parts function as exclusive groups for proper drum-kit behavior. There are 128 Patterns featuring many new samples, including the latest dance and urban musical styles. Patterns can be strung together and saved as a Song (16 Songs are also provided). Korg's proprietary Motion Sequence function allows knob tweaks to be recorded as part of a rhythm Pattern. An Effect Motion Sequence function can record changes in effect parameters, and a Delay Motion Sequence can control the overall Master Delay. Performance features include Tap Tempo, intuitive part muting and soloing, as well as Pattern Sets for arranging Patterns across the 16 Step Keys for quick, DJ-like selection in real-time. A Smart Media slot is provided for storing samples, Songs and Patterns or for loading AIFF and WAV files. The ES-1mkII also features a 1/4" stereo phone jack input with a LINE/MIC level switch, a Gain adjustment knob, dual mono phone jack outputs and a 1/4" stereo headphone jack. MIDI In, Out and Thru are provided for easy connection to other MIDI equipment. Power is supplied via 9V AC adapter. US MSRPs as follows:
ES-1mkII $599.00
EA-1mkII $400.00
ER-1mkII $400.00

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