NAMM: Fender make amp upgrades

Best selling Dyna-Touch series get new features      24/07/04

NAMM: Fender make amp upgrades

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Fender have added significant upgrades to its Dyna-Touch series that bring newly designed upscale DSP effects and modern cosmetics to players of all styles. All six amplifiers in the new Dyna-Touch III series the Bullet 150, Champion 300, Princeton 650, Deluxe 900, Stage 1000 and Stage 1600 feature premium upgrades such as nickel-plated steel hardware, model-specific hand-crafted Fender DSP effects, and a bold new cosmetic treatment with tasteful new black & silver grille cloth and metal badge bearing the model's name. According to Fender their ground-breaking touch sensitive amplifier technology in the new Dyna-Touch III series amps let players of all levels enjoy the most responsive solid state amplifier experience ever. The new Princeton 650, Deluxe 900, and Stage 1000 and Stage1600 models are highlighted by the addition of 7 revolutionary new timbre filters, including Metal Drop Scoop, Mid Squawk, and Acoustic Scoop. These breakthrough EQ curves let guitarists customize the amp's tone to many specific applications - everything from ultra-heavy metal tones to clean acoustic-style sounds can be easily dialed in. These new timbres are also 'remembered' by the channels, meaning that the Normal channel and the Drive channels can recall if Acoustic or Bass Boost were selected on each respective channel, and respond accordingly when channels are switched back and forth. The Princeton, Deluxe, and Stage amps also feature a digital chromatic tuner and premium Celestion speakers. Says Shane Nicholas, Marketing Manager for Fender Amplifiers, "The reason behind the new Dyna-Touch III series is not simply cosmetic. Our world-class design team set out to bring a more upscale DSP technology to the everyday guitar amp, and they've been able to significantly upgrade and enhance the line without sacrificing the tone and value that has made these amplifiers famous among players and retailers". More info:

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