Open Labs NeKo64 Now In The Stores

Chuck Levins in Washington are the first      13/10/04

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Open Labs  NeKo64 Now In The Stores
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Open Labs, the folks who are leading the way when it comes to integrated DAW and workstation with their NeKo64 workstation (see our video items) that Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center, in Wheaton, Maryland, is the first music retailer to sell the Open Labs NeKo64™ 64 keyboard workstation. The revolutionary NeKo, originally introduced at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention in January, 2003, is a breakthrough product, the first world-class digital keyboard to include a computer, and it is designed for musicians that want to play, record, mix, and master music in a single unit. “The current generation of musicians and music producers all grew up using computers and digital synthesizers, and the Open Labs NeKo64 is the first product we’ve seen to seamlessly integrate a high-end keyboard with a top-of-the-line computer. This is the killer app for digital music-making,” said Ed Spence, director of sales for Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center. “We don’t have to sell customers on this product; the NeKo64 has been a long-held vision for many of our customers and – now – it is a reality. The NeKo64 is the only keyboard on the market capable of playing 24-bit sounds, such as the EastWest Gold Edition, which makes it far-and-away one of the best-sounding keyboards on the market." Spence notes that he has sold several NeKo64 units, including one to a well-known rap/hip-hop producer, and that the response to the product has been overwhelmingly positive. “The NeKo 64 is a new class of ‘super-instrument’ designed by musicians for musicians. It is fitting that Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center is the first retailer to sell this product, as they are recognized as the ultimate source for music and pro audio gear in the mid-Atlantic region,” said Victor Wong, CEO and co-founder of Open Labs. “We believe that Washington Music Center customers will lend solid testimony to the benefits of the NeKo 64; particularly the combination of a keyboard with the power of a high-end computer in a single unit. This enables the musician-producer to take the NeKo 64 anywhere, any time; whether for a live gig, a studio session, or for home recording work,” continued Wong. The NeKo64 embodies many innovations, including: the first keyboard to use Microsoft® Windows®XP Professional, optimized for musical applications the first keyboard to integrate a dual-layer DVD-RWdrive, which enables users to burn audio, video, or data directly withinthe keyboard the OpenStudio ™ Navigator touchscreeninterface software, enabling users to push virtual buttons and movevirtual knobs and faders with their fingers; an ultra-quiet power supply and chassis fans for studiouse. Open Labs is the first keyboard manufacturer to incorporate 64-bit processing, and the company developed the NeKo64 using the AMD® Opteron® 64-bit CPU, with 2MB memory cache in either single- or dual-processor configurations. All NeKo64 models include standard high-speed rewritable CD-RW, which is also upgradeable to the dual-layer DVD-RW, allowing 8.5GB to be recorded on a single DVD disc. There are six USB 2.0 ports, and a built-in IEEE-1394 FireWire port and onboard 10/1000 Gigabit-Ethernet port for high-speed MIDI and Internet connections. The NeKo64 incorporates more than 1,000 sounds and effects, more than 100 VST and DX plug-ins; unlimited sounds and options; 500-note polyphony; to a terabyte of hard drive capacity; 24-bit 96 KHz fidelity; and a maximum 8GB MB of RAM, expandable to a maximum of 8 GB RAM. The NeKo64 can record 170 simultaneous audio tracks at 48KHz. Music applications include Karsyn™ Performance Host, Mackie Tracktion™ Audio and MIDI Sequencer, Synapse Orion Pro™ Groove Composer and Host.
    For more information, contact the store at 301-946-8808 or, or visit the Web site at
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