Cubase SX3.01 Update Adds Space

Studio-grade pug-in ahoy      17/12/04
Cubase SX3.01 Update Adds Space

Steinberg have announced an update to Cubase SX3, the update add news features and a new reverb virtual effect processor Room Works. This fully surround-capable high quality reverb allows Cubase SX3.0.1 users to scale the CPU efficiency of the plug-in. While RoomWorks' dense, convincing reverb provides high-quality rooms and spaces for just about any conceivable use, it can also be used effectively even when CPU load for a project is already high. Its user interface offers built-in context help, and the extensive preset library offers over 60 predefined virtual spaces. "We're very pleased to offer this update to all Cubase SX3 customers," says Arnd Kaiser, Steinberg's Senior Product Manager for Music Technology. "Apart from many minor enhancements, Cubase SX3.0.1 includes the new RoomWorks reverb that extends both the quality and functional range of the onboard plug-ins." Kaiser continues: "We like to think of it as a Christmas gift for all our Cubase SX3 customers. The other new features further improve the fluency of workflow with Cubase SX, rounding off a great update for this product." With Cubase SX3.0.1, the unique MIDI device panels system is now also available for editing effect plug-ins in audio channels as well as VST instruments, making any parameters of those objects instantly accessible not only in the Project Window, but also on the appropriate channel mixer strip and the track inspector through user-defined panels. Cubase SX3.0.1 also expands the concept of full automatic plug-in delay compensation to include external effects loops as well. A unique new "ping" button can be used to measure the processing delay of any external effects device and automatically set the corresponding delay parameter for automatic compensation. For the first time, automatic sample-accurate timing is now possible even in complex software/hardware systems where plug-ins and hardware effects work side by side. The master output level display on the Cubase SX3.0.1 Transport Bar has been fitted with an overload indicator, allowing the user to check with a single glance at the Transport Bar if the audio output has exceeded 0dB. Availability
Cubase SX3.0.1 is now available for download to all Cubase SX3 customers from the Steinberg website:

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