NAMM:Sonicstate Diary Wednesday

Yippee!! we're of to L.A.      21/01/05

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Here we go, it’s that time of year again and the Sonicstate news team are off to the Winter NAMM show at Anaheim in sunny California leaving behind the freezing weather in the UK for some serious footslogging through the air-conditioned halls of the Anaheim convention centre – and maybe some surfing down at Huntington beach if we can fit it in before we leave… For anyone who might be interested here’s some pictures of our trip…

Unloading The Sonicstate Luggage, Heathrow Airport, London

Here We Are Just Passing Birmingham
Trevor just happened to be travelling on his birthday. It happened to be one of those big ones with a zero on the end so champagne was essential for the old git…

A bottle of bubbly for birthday boy

Nick and Andy wait for the airport bus at LAX

Arriving in Anaheim, time to unload the van...
After travelling for 20 hours it was time for some beer and a visit to Taco Bell...

Nosferatu attacks the nachos...Montezuma will get his revenge in the morning

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