WNAMM05: Korg Kontrol Goes Up A Shoe Size Or Two

Large 49 key MIDI controller grows up      22/01/05

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WNAMM05: Korg Kontrol Goes Up A Shoe Size Or Two
Bigger is better

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Korg’s Micro Kontrol mini MIDI USB controller was cute and portable, but some found the mini keys a turn off. Korg have remedied that by introducing the Kontrol 49, , which combines 49 full-size keys with the familiar array of pads, encoders, sliders and multiple displays, It comes bundled with a CD-ROM containing demo versions of many popular software titles. The KONTROL49’s velocity-sensitive keys offer the same feel as Korg’s professional workstations and synthesizers. 40 assignable performance elements include traditional Pitch and Mod wheels, a Vector Joystick for simultaneous control of two separate parameters, plus a pair of assignable switches. Eight pairs of assignable sliders and rotary encoders feature individual color-coded backlit LCD displays that show each controller’s user-defined function name and parameter value. The main encoder adjacent to the master display can be used to send bank and tempo information. A unique native mode allows external software to set assignments and write custom text to all the displays, enabling the KONTROL49 to be fully integrated with the application. This mode is currently supported by the Korg Legacy Collection and Version 3.0 of Propellerhead’s Reason software. 16 illuminated velocity-sensitive trigger pads can perform a wide range of MIDI functions, from triggering loops and samples, selecting sounds, toggling or switching parameters and sending MIDI messages, to acting as transport controls for a computer-based sequencer. The pads can also be used to recall any of the 12 “scenes” (complete controller assignments) stored in the keyboard. The back panel provides foot pedal and footswitch inputs for hands-free performance possibilities, along with a MIDI input and two MIDI outputs (one of which can be configured as a MIDI Thru). A USB port is supplied for direct computer connection and bus-powered operation when the included AC adapter is not being used. This arrangement also allows the KONTROL49 to function as a USB/MIDI interface. Editor/librarian (Mac/PC) software is included for creating, editing and saving custom scenes, and it contains template scenes for many popular software titles. In addition, the free CD-ROM bundle offers demo versions of the acclaimed Korg Legacy Collection, Lounge Lizard EP-2 by Applied Acoustic Systems, Sample Tank 2 Korg Edition from I.K. Multimedia, Native Instruments VOKATOR and Reason 2.5 from Propellerhead Software. The Korg KONTROL49 is currently available with a U.S. MSRP of $500.
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