WNAMM05: Arturia 2600V on Show

Analog classic to go      22/02/05

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WNAMM05: Arturia 2600V on Show

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Arturia’s TAE (Total Analog Emulation) system has spawned a number of analog classics in digital form now. First up was the wow-factor of the Moog Modular V – a modular behemoth, then came the obligatory Minimoog V and now we have the 2600V. The latest classic to come under the coders knife takes the infamous ARP 2600 – favoured by experimental caped synthesists (and others) as well as little Stevie Wonder on the “Songs In The Key of Life” era and beyond. The 2600 has been updated to add custom waveform generation and of course polyphony plus you’ll not have to have it serviced everytime you move the thing! (Actually, the 2600 wasn’t as temperamental as many of the same era). The ARP2600 V is loaded with more than 400 presets made by a selection of top musicians. Fully compatible with the main protocols and systems in the industry, it can be used as stand-alone software or as a virtual instrument.. The ARP2600 V is based on a set of algorithms created by Arturia’s sound engineers and gathered under the name TAE. TAE stands for True Analog Emulation. It brings a superior quality of sound when reproducing analogue circuits. In particular, TAE avoids any sort of aliasing; it also emulates the typical instability of hardware oscillators and brings the warm sound of the vintage synths. The 2600V will ship with several different skins, and is shown here in it's original Blue Meany colouring (only 100 were ever made_ Required minimum configuration.
PC / Windows: 256 MB RAM ; 1 GHz processor Mac OS X: 256 MB RAM ; 1 GHz processor Anyhow, you;ll be pleased to know that the 2600V is now available for the princely sum of $310 US from stockists and via Arturias own on-line store.
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