MESSE05: Steinberg's World Of VST

Leading brands show latest VST-powered products at Steinberg's World Of VST booth      07/04/05

At its Frankfurt Musikmesse booth, Steinberg has got a 'World Of VST' area where leading brands in audio technology will be presenting top new products based around Steinberg's world standard VST and ASIO technologies. Here's some info on a few of those brands... SONY are showing the world's first ASIO-based DSD-ready PC. As well as a prototype SONY sound device that supports DSD and PCM recording and playback, the demonstration PC also utilizes the latest version of Steinberg's world standard ASIO protocol, ASIO 2.1, which now supports DSD delivery between all DSD-ready hardware and software. The DSD-capable SONY SonicStage Mastering Studio software provides the last link in the chain to provide a DSD-ready PC-based mastering software. Waves Ltd. are showing its expanded line of IR Convolution Reverb plug-ins, including IR-360 Surround, IR-1 Version 2 and IR-L Convolution Reverb Light. Waves also have Q-Clone, a new patent-pending plug-in that allows one outboard hardware equalizer to be used at different settings on multiple DAW channels simultaneously. Users can connect a hardware equalizer to their system and adjust the equalizer itself to get the desired sound on as many channels simultaneously as the computer's CPU power allows. Q-Clone comes with a library of presets captured from world-class hardware equalizers. Nokia is showing new products aimed at providing developers world class tools needed to create music and sound content for mobile phones and devices. Nokia Audio Suite is a software tool for creating and verifying polyphonic ring tones for Nokia devices, and can be directly integrated within professional VST host applications such as Steinberg's Cubase SX3 by utilizing it as a VST instrument. Nokia Audio Suite is available for download from Alongside its renowned brass series, leading sample content provider ProjectSAM is showcasing its new powerful sounding and versatile SAM True Strike 1 orchestral percussion library. Including a huge range of orchestral percussion such as timpani, snares, toms, cymbals, bongos, glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone and celesta, both the Pro and Starter versions feature the new OEM version of Steinberg's latest HALion Player playback VST instrument. The famed Danish sample content manufacturer Scarbee is presenting the Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection library, featuring sound libraries that offer sounds from some of the finest keyboards ever built, including models by Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hohner. Scarbee are also previewing its brand new Imperial Drums XL product; both products feature the HALion Player OEM version, which utilizes the latest HALion sampling technology. More info:

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