MESSE05: Giga 3.1 and Friends On Show

GigaStudio 3.1, Larry Seyer Drums and new Giga Violin      25/04/05

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MESSE05: Giga 3.1 and Friends On Show
The ultimate acoustic kit library?

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On the Tascam stand, we caught up with Pete "Oso" Snell, Tascams Gigastudio product expert. He was presenting the new features of GigaStudio 3.1 - a new free upgrade for 3.0 users that sees a number of enhancements. To show off these new features, Pete was using the Larry Seyer Drum Library and a preview of Sonic Implants Symphonic Set. Also on show was the new Giga Violin - the Worlds first hybrid convolution violin. What this actually means is that the string articulations and the body of the violin are separate - so if you need a vintage romantic sound, you can select the body and change the inherrant sound quality of the instrument - great for building sections of individual violins for that unique sound. Available Summer 2005 price TBC. Larry Seyers Drum Library
  • 24-bit raw samples
  • 168 .GIG files
  • 1,380 GigaStudio Instrument (.GSI) kits
  • additional 35 drum kits to registered users
  • 13 new GigaPulse multi-placment rooms with 18 different player locations with up to 7 outputs for surround
  • 1,444 MIDI loops
  • takes full advantage of GigaStudio 3.0's 'stacked instrument' feature,
  • Enhanced programming features real time voicing using mod wheel, pitch wheel and sustain pedal How the library was designed:
    Each type of drum, with its respective positional 'Zones' (see picture below) and alternate striking methods, was assigned a unique region on the keyboard. For instance, a snare drum's strikes are mapped from E2 to E3 which correspond to the various physical positions at which Pat struck his actual snare drums. Similar to the snare mapping described above, all of Pat's drums except for crash, bell, and splash cymbals were sampled with positional information which is preserved in the final instrument design. In addition to positional 'Zones', there are 16 velocities and various striker choices. The sound samples taken from each drum are mapped according to these layout regions and stored in their own individual .GIG file. The raw instruments (drums and cymbals) living inside of their respective .GIG files are combined using the "virtual stacking" feature of GigaStudio 3.0 to create custom drum kits (saved as .GSI files) whose individual drum components (kicks, snares, toms etc) are interchangeable. By creating drum kits using the new .GSI file format rather than the more common and traditional .GIG file, the user is able to mix and match drum sounds to create custom drum kits in a non-destructive manner. Each of the drum components within a drum kit can be tuned, panned, mixed, and routed separately from the other drum components. Shipping now at $399

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