PSP Effects Pack Now For HDTDM OSX

Updates for AU, VST and RTAS too      08/06/05

PSP Effects Pack Now For HDTDM OSX
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The PSP EffectsPack has received some TLC from the boffins. Not only can you now use it with HDTDM systems as native but the Mac AudioUnits, VST and RTAS versions have also been tinkered with. PSP EffectsPack consist of three awards winning plug-in effects: Lexicon PSP 42
PSP 84
PSP Nitro.
Mac OSX formats: HTDM/RTAS/AudioUnit/VST
MAC OS9 formats: RTAS/VST (without PSP Nitro)
PC formats: RTAS/DirectX/VST
Yes, but what are they? Lexicon PSP 42 is high-quality digital stereo delay and phrase sampler plug-in based on the legendary Lexicon PCM 42 processor famous for its distinctive sound and unique delays. Lexicon PSP 42 has been carefully designed to accurately reproduce the flexibility and warmth of this renowned hardware classic. This has been accomplished by incorporating our precise tape saturation algorithm and a delay line operating with variable sample rates which simulates physical properties of vintage tape machine delays.

PSP 84 uses the same core engine as Lexicon PSP42, but adds more advanced features which make it an excellent tool for sound design. It has independent channel settings with cross-channel feedback, analog-sounding resonant filters with flexible routing and a vintage reverberator capable of emulating classic spring and plate reverbs.

PSP Nitro is the ultimate multimode filter plug-in. It offers many filter types derived from analog prototypes in addition to other useful processing blocks such as phasers, bit-crushers / downsamplers, waveshapers and interpolated delay blocks. These can be interconnected using Nitro's virtually unlimited routing matrix. The advanced control signal generators are capable of modulating nearly all of the processing parameters, making this plug-in an essential tool for sound design and experimentation. For more information and free demo versions, visit the PSP web site at:



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