NI Release Reaktor 5 Demo

On their site now      28/06/05

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Those nice folk at Native Instruments never rest, do they? I mean, it's the holiday season, it's nice and sunny, and you might expect them to relax a bit and catch some rays - hey, maybe they are, but they've found time to release the next version of Reaktor and a demo is available on their website.

"Native Instruments is excited to announce that a demo version of REAKTOR 5 is now available.

REAKTOR 5 is the next generation of the award-winning modular sound design studio that fuses synthesis, sampling and effects. The latest version introduces the new "REAKTOR Core Technology", resulting in a major technology leap that dramatically widens the scope of REAKTOR-based instrument design. With a massive instrument library, powerful new routing options, vastly expanded panel design options, a revised user interface and a host of other improvements, the new version of REAKTOR is more than ever an unlimited creative resource for musicians and producers.

The demo version contains 21 ensembles from the full version of REAKTOR 5 as well as a large assortment of instruments, macros and Core Cells.

The REAKTOR 5 demo version is now available as a free download for Windows and Mac OS X on the NI website."

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