7 Expression Pedals In 1 From Digitech

EX-7 Expression Factory Features Expression And Classic Distortions      11/01/06

7 Expression Pedals In 1 From Digitech

DigiTech has launched the EX-7 Expression Factory pedal which models seven of the all-time greatest expression pedals and adds seven classic distortion models from the DigiTech DF-7 Distortion Factory. Designed for guitarists looking for a broad range of expressive capabilities and a wide tonal palette, the EX-7 offers not only models of vintage and modern expression pedal effects, but also models of authentic distortion stompboxes, and a Flexible Output Mode with separate amp and CIT mixer outputs. The following expression pedal models are included: Model one is based on the Dunlop Cry Baby one of the most popular wah pedals of all time, with a thick tone recalling the best of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Model two is based on the VOX Clyde McCoy Wah the original from 1966, named for famed trumpet player Clyde McCoy. Model three is based upon the DigiTech XP300 Space Station/Synth Swell modeling the most popular tone produced by a rare pedal, Synth Swell turns your guitar into an outer-space string orchestra. Model four is based on the DigiTech Whammy an infinite array of smooth pitch bends, rich detuning, deadly dive bombs and harmony shifts. Model five is based on the Unicord Uni-Vibe the standard for adding lush depth and dimension to guitar sounds; provides both vibrato and chorus. Model six is based upon the Leslie 147 rotary speaker a meticulous model of the seminal Leslie 147 rotary speaker cabinet; all the sound of the original, without the 160-lb. weight. Model seven is based on the A/DA Flanger the Holy Grail of flangers, with dramatic jet-engine fly-by sweep and built-in foot control. To expand the pedals creative and expressive possibilities, the EX-7 Expression Factory includes seven distortion models from the DF-7, which models all the nuances, drive and vibe of seven classic distortion pedals, including models based on the Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer, DOD Overdrive/Preamp 250, Boss DS-1, Pro Co Rat, Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, DigiTechs own Metal Master, and Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi. The pedal features three dual concentric pots for hands-on control over expression and distortion model settings. Dual amp and mixer outputs with DigiTech's CIT cabinet modeling allow direct connection to amps and mixing consoles utilizing a variety of popular speaker cabinet models. In addition, the EX-7 can be employed as a dedicated volume pedal if the Effect model is bypassed. An optional FS3X 3-button footswitch can be connected to the EX-7 for even more performance control. Housed in a tough metal enclosure with a rugged cast-metal treadle and unique carbon-fiber look, the EX-7 has a non-slip rubber base and is built to withstand years of rigorous use. Powered by the included DigiTech PS0913B Power Supply, the EX-7 comes with a one-year warranty, supplemented by an additional five years of coverage with a mail-in or online registration. More info:
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