WNAMM06: First Showing For Steinberg WaveLab 6

Respected audio editing and mastering software shipping now with new features      19/01/06

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WNAMM06: First Showing For Steinberg WaveLab 6
Micki makes the most of it

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Steinberg have introduced the latest version of its industry-standard WaveLab editing and mastering software. WaveLab 6 offers a range of exciting new features including the impressive new Spectrum Editor, enhanced editing and signal processing functions, advanced audio I/O handling and much more.
Claus Menke, Steinberg’s Director of Product Management told us this about the lastest version,
“Version 6 extends the strengths that have made WaveLab a world-standard application for editing, mastering and restoration. The new features put WaveLab well and truly into a class of its own, especially at its price-point.�

We’ve listed the main points of the new version below for easy reference…
  • The new WaveLab Spectrum Editor provides exciting new restoration and editing possibilities, including easy removal of disturbances and unwanted noise. This extremely versatile editor offers high-quality linear phase filters and flexible replacement options.

  • The new ‘Surgical’ mode allows ‘copy/paste’ of either a whole region or the background ‘ambience’ of that region, as well as the application any processes to the selection – with full undo and redo functionality.
  • The wealth of new functions also in cludes the integration of hardware effect equipment within the mastering process, allowing engineers to combine the next-generation editing facilities in WaveLab 6 with the unmistakeable sound of their favourite analogue gear.
  • The enhanced master section now features SmartBypass, a time-saving new facility for assessing how a plug-in alters sound textures by compensating for volume changes induced by the plug-in. Similarly new are a range of quality audio processors including a new sample rate converter and the advanced Dirac time stretching and pitch-shifting algorithm.
  • The powerful Audio Montage’s clip handling and editing capability has been further extended to include a range of new functions such as the new fade editing features which allow for even more flexible editing of fades.
  • WaveLab 6 also now features remote controller support via MIDI, so that many WaveLab features can now be used even more intuitively through a tactile control surface, further speeding up workflow.
  • New metering and monitoring tools including support for renowned mastering engineer Bob Katz’ K-System as well as the new loudness distribution window.
    Price and Availability
    WaveLab 6 is currently available at authorized Steinberg dealers for $699 MSRP. More info:
  • www.steinberg.net

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