WNAMM06: Steinberg Releases Virtual Guitarist 2

New Version of the VSTi that creates realistic guitar parts      20/01/06

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WNAMM06: Steinberg Releases Virtual Guitarist 2

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Steinberg is sowing the latest version of its Virtual Guitarist software product. Offering a full 6.8 GB of authentic, editable riffs, parts and licks in 88 musical styles, Virtual Guitarist 2 offers a complete computer-based instrument that creates astoundingly realistic electric and acoustic rhythm guitar parts from scratch. Available for Mac OSX and Windows XP Virtual Guitarist 2 supersedes both predecessor Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition versions.
Steinberg’s Product Manager for Virtual Instruments, Helge Vogt, said this of the latest version, “Virtual Guitarist 2 represents the peak of technology in the computer generation of guitar parts. It not only plays totally realistic guitar parts in any of 88 musical styles, but because all the parts are fully editable you can actually tell this guitarist exactly what, when and how to play,� Highlights
  • Expanded audio library. Virtual Guitarist 2 ships with an impressive 6.8 GB of high-quality library consisting of meticulously recorded performances by top studio guitarists. Including the entire content of both Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition and adding a wealth of new top quality content, Virtual Guitarist 2 offers a staggering total of nearly 1100 different parts across 88 styles including pop, rock, metal, reggae and country to name but a few.

  • The new Part Editor allows full editing control over every single Virtual Guitarist 2 phrase. Each chord is broken up into slices, which the user can manipulate as desired. Each slice can be transposed to new note or moved around rhythmically within the part to provide almost limitless new possibilities in creating licks and grooves, that move and groove exactly as desired. GrooveMatch technology allows parts to be moulded to any drum loop or file, including Steinberg’s Groove Agent 2 virtual drummer product.

  • FX. An impressive range of virtual stomp box effects that have been painstakingly modelled to recreate effects like tube saturation, wah, flanger, distortion and many more. The new amp modelling section recreates the sound of both modern and vintage guitar amps, as well as microphone type and positioning.

    Price and Availability
    Virtual Guitarist 2 will be available in February 2006 for $249 MSRP. More info:
  • www.steinberg.net

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