NAMM06: Ueberschall’s Resource – A Massive Loop Collection

‘The mighty source of musical inspiration’ say Ueberschall      06/02/06
NAMM06: Ueberschall’s Resource – A Massive Loop Collection

Ueberschall Sample Service have announced the availability of
The Resource which they tell us is the biggest archive of loops and performances ever to be published in a single package. It features 10 GB of beats, licks, chords and percussion, approximately 16,000 loops and single sounds, complete with the brand new Elastik Loop Player. The Resource consists of 4 components: BPM120, VLP120, VCP120 and PLP120, united in one package for the first time.
What you get…
BPM 120 Beat & Percussion Module with 2.4 GB of first-class drums and percussion material. BPM 120 offers a huge stylistic bandwidth of authentic loops in a variety of genres including Funk, House, Soul, Disco, Pop, Rock, Beat, DnB, 2Step, Big Beat, Electro, Metal, Real Drums, Breakbeat, Analog Drums and even Vinyl Loops and World Percussion. In total 2587 drum loops, 447 percussion loops and 4036 single sounds.
PLP 120 Percussive Live Performances is an awesome collection of rhythmic grooves, played live on instruments like Tabla, Darbuka, Def, Zagat, Bata Drum Set (Ijeilu, Emelabo, Emelakos) Djembe, Kalabass, Bulu, Conga, Tumba, Bongo, Repique, Timbaleta, Tambourin, Campana, Claves, Guiro, Surdo, Tambor, Triangle, Agogo, Cuica, Tarabuka, Mrindangam and Bell. In total, 1728 percussion loops and 491 single sounds.
VCP 120 Vintage Chord Progressions is a virtual instrument offering over 2100 chord progressions, all played live using genuine vintage instruments. No quantising, no soft synths – everything is real, phat and phunky. Each chord progression is available in several rhythmic variations featuring Pop, House, Disco, Soul, Funk, Rock, Latin, Jazz and typical “Intro�-playing. In total, 2184 loops.
VLP 120 Vintage Licks & Phrases. A “must have� library for any studio. VLP 120 offers grooving vintage licks and phrases suitable for all the various styles in the Club, Pop and Dance scenes. These licks have been played on more than 20 different live instruments by professional studio musicians: Fingered Bass, Fretless Bass, Slap Bass. Acoustic/Electric Guitars. Fender Rhodes, Piano, Wurlitzer E-Piano, Clavinet D6, Organ B3, Vintage Synthesizer, Trumpet, French Horns, Baritone-/ Tenor- Alto- und Soprano Saxophones. In total, 4897 loops.
Price and Availability
The Resource is available for USD 299,-. The upgrade from Ueberschall products BPM120, VLP120, VCP120 or PLP120 is available for USD $199
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