Intel Announce Four-Core Processor

Blimey, that’ll be fast      14/02/06

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Us Mac users have been getting exited about dual-core processors – especially in those new Macbook Pros – although I already miss the Powerbook moniker. Anyhow, Intel have announced Clovertown, a four-core processor designed to run in dual-processor slots – so you could end up with an eight processor machine – imagine, that will be rocking fast. Intel are working on core expansion as a priority and can see the time when chips with large numbers of cores are available in a few years.. When you increase the number of cores you get an extra increase in performance because the physical path between the pieces of silicon is really very short. Clovertown represents a new Intel chip architecture coming at the end of the year. So even more power coming to a CPU you soon then – well quite soon the Colvertown chips are aiming for 2007 release.


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