Gutar Players Get Their Own TV Station

Guitar Player magazine launches first internet-based TV station for guitar players      17/05/06

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Music Player Network, the world's leading music instrument publishing company, has partnered with TrueFire TV, a major Internet TV broadcast network, to launch the first Internet-based TV station for guitar players.
Guitar Player TV is a Web-based television experience for guitar players of all levels that features thousands of video guitar lessons, exclusive interviews with top players, live performances, home recording tips, and information on new products.
Michael Molenda, Editorial Director of the Music Player Network told us, "Guitar Player TV expands Guitar Player's print trademark to a vast, uncharted community of players and music enthusiasts who exclusively derive their information from the Web. And, boy, are those players and fans going to flip over the multimedia experiences offered by this channel. From lessons to behind-the-scenes interviews to special concerts and 'sitdowns' with the GP editors, users of all skill levels and musical styles will be simultaneously educated and excited by the rich content on GPTV. GPTV is a fun and truly delightful resource for picking up new techniques and improving how you sound and play."
Jazz guitar legend Larry Carlton had this to say, "Guitar Player TV is exciting from the professional musician's perspective as well. The site allows us to share our music and expertise in a unique way with our current fans, and it helps us reach out to a new generation of up-and-coming guitar players who use the Internet as their primary resource for entertainment, tips, lessons, and live music."
Guitar Player TV is the first of four Internet-based TV sites for the Music Player Network with Keyboard TV, Bass Player TV, and EQ TV set to launch in the coming months.
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