SNAMM06: Three New Modeling Guitar Processors From Digitech

Latest RP series offer expanded capabilities over predecessors      15/07/06

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SNAMM06: Three New Modeling Guitar Processors From Digitech

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DigiTech have announced the new RP Series modeling guitar processors. Three new RP models are being introduced: the RP350, RP250 and RP150. Each new RP features brand new models based on classic and coveted amplifiers, distortions and effects, with up to 11 available simultaneously. Digitech claim that a myriad of options for creating high quality tones and connectivity makes the new RP series perfect for guitar players in any genre.
At the heart of the new RP series is the proprietary AudioDNA2 DSP, four times as powerful as the previous AudioDNA processor. The AudioDNA2 is a proprietary audio ASIC that provides more accuracy in the tone and dynamic response of the RP models than its predecessor.
Each of the new RP processors incorporates a new feature for quick access to 30 preset tone libraries and 30 effects chains. Simply dial in a genre based tone setting and then select from a variety of pre-programmed effect combinations. All three units come standard with a built-in drum machine featuring 60 professionally programmed patterns and a high quality drum kit. A chromatic tuner with drop-tuning options is standard, as is five seconds of delay time. USB connectivity provides 2-in/2-out recording capabilities as well as preset editing using the included X-Edit editor librarian software for PC and Mac.
Here’s exactly what Digitech have to say about each model…
The flagship RP350 features 118 models, including 73 effects models, 27 amplifier/preamplifier and acoustic guitar models with A/B switching, and 18 speaker cabinets. Seventy user presets and 70 factory presets allow ample storage for even a complex stage show. Three footswitches, four buttons, six encoders, and an integral expression pedal provide complete control over essential parameters during performance, while an eight-character LCD gives the player visual feedback on the darkest stage.
The powerful RP250 offers 89 models, with 54 effects models, 21 amp/preamp and acoustic guitar models, and 14 speaker cabinets. Users can store up to 60 user presets and there are 60 factory presets. Real-time control is provided by two footswitches, four buttons, four encoders, and an integral expression pedal. A six-character LCD provides at-a-glance visibility under the most challenging stage-lighting conditions.

Completing the new RP series is the RP150 with 77 models, comprising 48 effects models, 17 amp/preamp and acoustic guitar models, and 12 speaker cabinets. There are 50 user and 50 factory storage locations for presets. Two footswitches, four buttons, four encoders, and a Control In connector for an optional expression pedal let the player take complete control over the tone. A two-character display is easily visible on stage or in the studio

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