Notions New Sound Kit: Saxophones

Six titles and counting      07/08/06

Notions New Sound Kit: Saxophones

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Virtuoso Works commitment to expanding the palette of sounds for their music and composition software Notion is clear - if you saw our Summer NAMM piece, where they said they'd be releasing a new pack every month for 2 years (yep that's right!) is on course. The latest Sound Expansion Kit is called the Saxophone Sound Expansion Kit. This new sound kit expands the company's library to six titles, adding new sounds and techniques to the standard orchestra that ships with their NOTION software. The Saxophone sound kit features new sounds and techniques meticulously recorded for seamless playback by Notion's internal playback engine. Instruments include sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and contrabass saxophones, each recorded with a full range of dynamics and articulations such as legato, legato vibrato, accent, staccato and trills. Developed by VirtuosoWorks, Inc., NOTION is designed for professional composers, music students, and live productions for composition, learning, practice, and performance. It combines a full-featured music notation system with interpretive algorithms linked to a proprietary playback engine that offers samples of thou¬sands of individual notes and articulations played by the London Symphony Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studios. The Saxophone Expanded Sound Kit is available now for $69.00.


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