Frontier Designs New Controller Looks the Part

AlphaTrack desktop solution has it all      22/09/06

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Frontier Designs New Controller Looks the Part
This could be the answer to everything!

The Tranzport was a great unit – we filmed the wireless DAW controller in action at NAMM last year. But they’ve bettered the design with the new Alphatrack which combines several intuitive controls together with some of the more familliar components of the Tranzport. I must say it looks just the ticket and I for one will be itching to get my hands on it.. Together with LCD feedback from your DAW of choice, you get a a high-resolution fader, true 10-bit resolution for smooth and precise level control. AlphaTrack also has three touch-sensitive encoders, a feature previously found only on high-end gear costing thousands of dollars. These let you adjust track and plug-in parameters while the 32-character backlit display shows detailed feedback in response to your touch. The encoders provide quick control of pans, sends, EQ, plug-ins, and automation. Where Frontier Designs have broken with the norm of a jog-wheel, is its touch-sensitive jog and shuttle strip. Slide one finger across its surface and your project’s timeline scrolls in response. Drop a second finger onto the strip, and now your fingers control the timeline’s shuttle speed. Zoom through your project with two fingers, then just lift one finger and slide to quickly set the precise position you want. Sounds great, but we’ll have to see it in practice to be able to comment. AlphaTrack also has a set of 22 buttons and 21 LED’s, including standard transport controls, per track record, solo, mute, and automation indication, and encoder mode control. When supported by the computer application, a set of buttons can also be customized with user-programmable functions. AlphaTrack connects to your computer using just a single USB cable. This makes it quite portable, easy to connect, and compatible with laptops since no additional power supply is needed. AlphaTrack’s backpanel also includes a footswitch jack for easy punch-in recording. AlphaTrack works on Windows XP and Mac OS X (including Intel Macs) with applications such as Pro Tools, SONAR, Reason, Cubase SX/SL, and Nuendo. Support for more applications will be added regularly. Expected January 2007 at around $199


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Nowski    Said...

I've been looking for the ideal DAW controller for some time and this looks like going a long way towards being just the perfect unit

I wonder what protocols it uses and just how compatible it is - get one in for review!

22-Sep-06 09:57 AM

AndyMac    Said...

The new version of Sony Vegas [7.0] has support for the Tranzport - I guess it would work for this too. Previously you could use Mackie protocol controllers with Vegas, but this would be ideal... the big Mackies would be overkill for a video op really.

22-Sep-06 10:35 AM

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