AES06SF: Tascam Release 64-bit Drivers

64-bit Windows XP users gain access to the Tascam range of audio interfaces      07/10/06

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AES06SF: Tascam Release 64-bit Drivers
US-144 - the 64-bit drivers are currently in development...

Tascam has announced the immediate availability of new drivers for their FW-1082, FW-1804, and FW-1884, as well as for the US-122, US-224 and US-428 audio interfaces with support for 64-bit Windows XP.
Johnny DeLeon, Computer Products Channel Manager for Tascam told us, " Tascam is committed to staying at the forefront of computer recording technology. The fact that we've even updated drivers for our discontinued interfaces shows how much Tascam values our customers."
64-bit drivers for the new US-122L and US-144 are currently in development but we have got a vid of the interfaces in action at the show.
Pricing and Availability:
The drivers are available as free downloads from the Tascam website.
More information:

    More From: TASCAM
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    Kyle    Said...

    when are the drivers going to be released. i bought this thinking it would WORK.

    17-Feb-07 02:20 PM

    music man    Said...

    I also bought the Tascam US122l and i'd like it to work!...

    When is it going to be released?

    07-Apr-07 04:18 PM

    manuel    Said...

    I also want it to work NOW, because I bought it... How can they sell products if they know that it doesnt work on all systems ?

    03-Nov-07 06:49 AM

    musicWiz    Said...

    I am also disappointed finding that the US-122L does not work on my main PC (which is 64bit), only on my notebook. Speed up your development, Tascam!

    19-Jan-08 04:13 PM

    Nick    Said...

    I have a new US-144 and it's gathering dust. Some companies really are in the stone age when it comes to allowing people to use their products on more powerful systems!

    18-Feb-08 04:33 PM

    Kincy    Said...

    I'm new 2 q;; of this. It said it worked with windows vista. I bought this product and cakewalk creator 4. It played through ONE time. I'm ignorant when it comes 2 computers. It shouldn't be this hard, though.I'm glad I read this.

    21-Nov-08 11:00 AM

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