Drum Roll Given A Whole New Meaning

Roll up for the Drum Frenzy electronic drum pad set      16/10/06

Drum Roll Given A Whole New Meaning

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If there are any drummers or would-be drummers out there who fancy a bit of stickwork on the move then the Drum FrenZy portable roll-up style electronic drum pad set might be just what they need as a christmas present. Each of the 4 different drums can be adjusted to 8 different tones, including cymbals, providing 32 different sounds. Shame there’s no MIDI Output – that would have made it really useful… Features
  • 32 Drum and cymbal sound combinations ( 8 tones with 4 choices each)
  • 30 Rhythms
  • 10 demo songs to play along with20 Drum Combination Preset Sounds
  • Volume and Tempo adjustment keys
  • Headphone jack
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries(not included)
  • Includes: a set of sticks, instruction manual
Pricing and Availability:
$39.99 USD More information:
  • http://nextpowerusa.stores.yahoo.net/portable-electronic-roll-up-4-drum-pad-set-br--zb4726.html


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