Tweak Your Voice

Xponaut VoiceTweaker 4.0 pitch transposer plug-in released      31/10/06

Tweak Your Voice

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Xponaut tell us that VoiceTweaker 4.0 is now ready for download.
Voice Tweaker 4.0 is a pitch transposer designed for monophonic signals such as voice, spoken or sung, or solo instruments. It can transpose the pitch and formants independently, thus enabling both formant preserving pitch transpose and other more unusual effects. The Voice Tweaker also features an automatic pitch correction function and auto vibrato.
You can use it as a...
  • High quality pitch shifter voice, spoken or sung, or solo instruments
  • Automatic pitch corrector for voice, spoken or sung, or solo instruments
  • MIDI controlled pitch changer
This is new from previous versions (VT Lite 3.x)
  • Configurable analysis engine
  • New better sounding synthesis engine
  • New advanced modulation capabilities
  • MIDI Scale control
Technical facts
  • Independent control of pitch and formant in a range of +/- 2 octaves
  • Automatic correction of pitch to selected scale and key. Over 60+ preset scales and possibility to create user scales via Scala
  • Automatic correction of pitch to current MIDI notes. Allows instant key and scale change
  • Auto vibrato with delay and ramp time
  • LFO with 6 waveforms
  • 4 target modulation matrix
  • Adjustable reference frequency (middle A)
  • Processed output with settable delay and mix with original signal
  • Settable MIDI control of parameters
  • Configurable pitch detection engine
Pricing and Availability:
    $99 USD
More information:

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