Bid On You Crazy Diamond

Deceased Pink Floyd frontman Syd Barrett's possessions up for auction      22/11/06

Bid On You Crazy Diamond
Syd's leather reclining armchair

Buying Choices

At Sonicstate we were all sad to hear of Syd Barrett’s passing but now any really dedicated fans have the chance to purchase some Syd memorabilia at an online auction that is running until November 29th.
There are 77 lots in the auction including some of Syd's own artwork and a lot of furniture, some of it hand-painted by Syd. There's also a bread bin, a 'psychedelic' cushion, a Syd-customised wheelbarrow, a christmas tree and perhaps most poignantly Syd's armchair with a distinct mark left where he rested his head.
There are also two bikes in the auction one of which has got a basket and a bell that rings...
Buy Syd's bike, you can ride it if you like...
Pricing and Availability:
Auction ends 10.00 AM PT November 29th More information:

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